What Is A Serger sewing machine combo & What Can I Do With It?

Discovering the world of sewing machines can be overwhelming, especially for beginners, as there are numerous brands and models to choose from. Among the diverse range of options, one machine that stands out is the serger sewing machine. If you’re wondering what a serger is, what it does, and why you might need one, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the answers you seek.

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the question, “What exactly is a serger?” then you’ve come to the right spot! Conducting a quick internet search will yield numerous results comparing sergers and sewing machines.

Understanding the disparity between these two machine types is essential because they serve distinct purposes and cannot substitute for one another. However, in this article, I aim to explore the extensive capabilities offered by a serger sewing machine combo in greater detail.

Now, let’s delve into the question: What exactly is a What Is A Serger sewing machine combo & What Can I Do With It??

What is a Seger Sewing Machine Combo?

A serger sewing machine combo, also known as a serger sewing machine combination or a serger/overlock machine, is a versatile machine that combines the functionality of both a serger and a regular sewing machine in a single unit. It integrates the features and capabilities of a serger, which includes sewing, trimming, and overcasting fabric edges, with the functionalities of a traditional sewing machine, such as straight stitching, decorative stitching, and buttonhole sewing. This combination allows users to perform a wide range of sewing tasks using a single machine, providing convenience and versatility in their projects.

A serger, characterized by its distinct appearance, is a specialized sewing machine that offers the advantage of creating professional-looking stitches while performing three simultaneous tasks. It not only sews seams but also trims off excess seam allowances and finishes raw fabric edges. By integrating these three functions, utilizing a serger for specific tasks can significantly reduce the time required.

What Does A Serger Do?

A serger sewing machine combo, also known as a serger/overlock machine combination, is a multipurpose machine that offers a wide range of sewing capabilities. Here are some key functions that a serger sewing machine combo can perform:


 The primary function of a serger is to create professional-looking overlock stitches that secure fabric edges, prevent fraying, and provide a neat finish. The combo machine allows you to achieve various types of overlock stitches, such as 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, rolled hem, and more.

Seam Sewing:

 Similar to a regular sewing machine, a serger sewing machine combo can stitch seams. It allows you to join fabric pieces together using straight stitches, flatlock stitches, or other stitch variations depending on the machine’s capabilities.


The combo machine has built-in trimming mechanisms that trim excess fabric and seam allowances while sewing. This helps in achieving clean and professional-looking seams without the need for separate trimming.

Decorative Stitches:

 Many serger sewing machine combos offer decorative stitching options, allowing you to add unique embellishments, decorative edges, or customized details to your projects. These decorative stitches can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your sewing projects.

Rolled Hemming:

 A serger combo machine typically includes a rolled hem feature, which enables you to create narrow, neatly rolled hems on lightweight fabrics or delicate edges. This is especially useful for creating decorative edges on items like table linens, handkerchiefs, or ruffles.

Additional Sewing Functions: 

Depending on the specific model, a serger sewing machine combo may have additional sewing functions found in regular sewing machines. These can include buttonhole sewing, blind hemming, zipper insertion, and more.

Overall, a serger sewing machine combo provides the convenience of both a serger and a traditional sewing machine, allowing you to handle a variety of sewing tasks with efficiency and versatility.

Interesting Facts About Serger sewing machine combo:

When it comes to the sewing speed of sergers, they exhibit a notable distinction compared to other sewing machines. While regular sewing machines typically have stitching speeds ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 stitches per minute, sergers operate at a significantly faster pace. On average, sergers stitch at speeds ranging from 1,300 to 2,200 stitches per minute. This remarkable speed undoubtedly saves valuable time during your sewing projects, making sergers a time-efficient choice.

A key distinction of sergers is that they operate without the use of bobbins, unlike traditional sewing machines. While sewing machines typically rely on two threads (one in the needle and one in the bobbin) to create lockstitches, sergers employ looper threads instead. These looper threads are housed on metal rods located beneath the presser foot and are responsible for holding and positioning the threads during stitching. This unique setup enables the use of multiple threads and larger spools, facilitating efficient overlock stitches and faster sewing speeds.

Sergers stand out by utilizing multiple needles, setting them apart from regular sewing machines. While some serger machines may employ the same needles as their sewing counterparts, specific models require serger-specific needles. To ensure the correct needle selection for your machine, consult your user manual for accurate information.

Are serger machines difficult to use? Are they more challenging to operate compared to regular home sewing machines? This misconception often arises among sewists, especially those unfamiliar with overlock machines. The perceived difficulty may stem from the complex appearance of sergers, with their multiple spools of thread and additional buttons.

Are sergers more difficult to use? Not necessarily, but there is a learning curve due to their distinct operation compared to regular sewing machines. Beginners may find adapting to the differences challenging at first. Threading a serger can be tricky initially, but with the help of the user manual and practice, it becomes manageable.

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In conclusion, a serger sewing machine combo is a versatile and efficient machine that combines the functionalities of both a serger and a regular sewing machine. It allows you to achieve professional-looking stitches, trim fabric edges, and sew seams simultaneously. With a serger sewing machine combo, you can create clean and finished edges, perform decorative stitches, and handle a wide range of sewing tasks with ease. Whether you are working on garments, home decor projects, or crafts, this powerful machine offers convenience, speed, and versatility to elevate your sewing projects to the next level.