How Do I Fix My Bobbin Thread Showing On Top?

When embroidering, the bobbin thread is used, especially on various textiles. The light bobbin thread’s job is to hold the embroidery thread at the bottom, where it can only be seen. Therefore, you must use a bobbin thread whenever you work on needlework.

However, if the bobbin thread is supposed to be on top of the embroidery, you can experience issues. To prevent the bobbin thread from showing on top, you must ensure that the machine is configured correctly. We’ll examine the bobbin thread shown on top, its causes, and potential solutions. It’s important to remember that even seasoned tailors occasionally encounter such a situation, so beginners should be reassured.

How Important Is Thread Tension?

One of the most crucial fundamental sewing techniques you should learn is how to achieve the ideal tension with how to sew a button and a zipper.

By mastering these techniques, we can determine whether our products appear amateurish or professional. At first, it might not appear critical to have a carefully balanced tension.

But eventually, the incorrect tension will cause you problems. You may be using unique fabrics when you sew. You can also use threads of the same color throughout and stitch two different materials together.

And if you need to get more familiar with using your tension dial… Let’s say that you won’t have that much fun.

Possible Reason Why Bobbin Thread Is Visible at the Top

To identify the underlying cause of bobbin thread showing on top of your work, it is essential to comprehend the mechanisms involved in stitching. The bobbin thread is often designed to draw the embroidery and secure it at the bottom.

  • Machine Settings:

The machine setting is one of the most frequent reasons bobbin thread shows through. To continue working, you must verify the machine settings to ensure they are in embroidery mode. Most machines are often set to automatic adjustment mode, so the first thing to do whenever the bobbin thread rises to the top is to check the machine’s settings and switch it to embroidery mode.

  • The Thread’s Thickness

Another aspect to consider when your bobbin thread begins to show on top is the thread’s weight. Depending on the weight of the thread, the tension strength varies. While a thinner thread will exert less pressure, a thicker thread will exert more strain.

  • Stitches Length 

The stitch length can also impact the tension of the thread. The bobbin thread may climb to the top of the stitch range and needs to be corrected. The thread can loop effectively when the stitch length is considerable, so we won’t anticipate the bobbin to be loose at the top. While if the stitch length is too short, the bobbin thread may not overlap properly and end up at the top of the fabric.

What Should I Do If The Bobbin Thread Showing On Top?

You must perform a few routine tasks regularly to lessen the impact of these issues. Now that we know what caused the issue, we can concentrate on finding practical solutions, which include:

  •  Cleaning the machine properly

We’ve seen that one of the causes of bobbin showing and the top can be dirt. The tension of the thread may be hampered if debris has clogged the needle holes and other openings. Regular maintenance is preferable to lessen the bobbin appearing in full effect. This involves tilting the machine and allowing the thread to travel through smoothly without influencing the thread’s flow.

  • Alter damaged components

The replacement of damaged machine components is another viable solution to this issue. You must periodically inspect every component of the machine to accomplish this. Especially those areas where the thread will need to pass through, like the needle, to replace any damaged components.

  • Make bobbin tension adjustments.

Now, if you’re sure you’ve covered all the bases, checked all the necessary components, and taken the appropriate measures, but the issue persists, try adjusting the tension thread. It would be preferable if you did this after cleaning or replacing any machine parts, as the settings might have automatically changed.

  • Use the bobbin type and weight that are advised.

We’ve seen how it might show up on the bobbin in the wrong kind. So that you may choose the right bobbin type, consult the machine’s manual. Another way to locate a solution online is to search using the appropriate model.

  • Effectively interpreting the manual.

When setting up your computer, you should carefully read the handbook. If you follow the proper guidelines, you can avoid some of the causes of this issue. The handbook or someone with sufficient experience using this machine should be consulted in case of any problems.

  • Update your Machine

You occasionally need to purchase a new piece of equipment. The equipment may have been worn out and past the point of repair. To avoid the bobbin showing on top again, buying a new machine at this stage is best.