Cricut embroidery Guide

You’ll enjoy using your Cricut embroidery, whether you are an expert craftsman or a beginner maker.

You may create various projects for friends, family, and yourself.

While it is true that the program cannot be used to generate garments, it can be used to create excellent embroidery projects by setting your Cricut machine to begin your embroidery design.

What is Cricut Maker?

The Maker is Cricut’s most recent, potent, and versatile cutting device. Numerous materials—from delicate textiles and papers to tough leather and balsa wood—can be sliced, written on, and scored in whatever pattern or design you like. You may create your projects or download ready-to-use patterns within the free cloud-based Cricut Design Space program.

You can use the Cricut Maker to cut out any type of fabric for sewing and quilting projects since it features a new rotary blade that is made for precise fabric cuts. Additionally, it can cut materials like felt and leather, which are entertaining materials for craft projects.

What You Need For Cricut Embroidery

-Cricut Maker 

-Cricut Fabric Pen

-Fabric For Embroidery

-Fabric mat 

-Embroidery hoop, Thread, and Needle.

How to create embroidery patterns using Cricut?


First, select your design in Cricut Design Space and put it on the canvas. Then, scale the design to fit your embroidery hoop.

Make sure to pick the entirety of your design, change the line type to draw, and then select the fabric pen from the drop-down box if you have yet to decide on a drawn design or text written in a particular writing style.


Place your fabric on the pink mat, smooth it out with a brayer, and make sure it is well adhered. Place the mat inside the machine and set the machine to the appropriate setting for the material you’re using. If the design on the mat screen is just at the edge of your cloth, consider repositioning it.

Ensure the washable fabric pen clicks into position in the accessory port of your machine before inserting it.


Start the machine afterward and watch as it transfers your pattern to the fabric.

Once finished, take the load out of the machine and the fabric out of the mat.


Afterward, put your fabric inside the embroidery hoop and begin sewing following the lines you’ve drawn.

After you’re done, carefully wash your artwork in water to eliminate the pen lines.

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How can a Cricut make hand embroidery easier?

Even though a Cricut cannot be used for machine embroidery, you can use it to draw out a pattern and hand embroider using the lines you have drawn on the fabric. An embroidery pattern can be successfully transferred to cloth with the Cricut.

How can you use your embroidery machine with a Cricut?

Many individuals pre-cut their appliqué pieces using their Cricut. This will do away with the need for trimming when using your embroidery machine to apply appliqué.

Can you sew using a Cricut?

No, you can cut fabric with the Cricut to use for sewing instead. This can be very useful when making doll clothes or quilts, for example, or sewing other projects that need exact little pieces.

Can a Cricut be used to create patches?

A Cricut may be used to create patches because it can cut out nearly any form. Simply use your Cricut to cut out the patch shape after applying HeatnBond Lite to the back of some fabric. After that, you would fuse your patch to your clothing. Remember that the finished patch would have unfinished edges.

You may easily create a patch on an embroidery machine if you want one with polished satin stitched edges.


Of course, the answer is based on your area of passion. Choose the Cricut if you love making paper crafts, decals, and iron-on. But if you already sew or enjoy working with cloth and thread, choose an embroidery machine.

I enjoy having both. I’ve used my Cricut a lot to create monogrammed water bottles as birthday presents for my kids as they’ve gotten older. But I still use my embroidery machine for many customizations and other odd tasks.