10 Best Types of Buttons for Sewing 

10 Best Types of Buttons for Sewing clothes. Buttons are essential elements in sewing, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. They come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and attachment styles, each suited for different projects and fabrics.

A study published in the Journal of Textiles and Apparel, Technology and Management highlights recent innovations in button manufacturing. 3D printing technology is being used to create custom buttons with intricate designs and textures that were previously difficult or impossible to produce using traditional methods.

Types of Buttons 

Are you wondering which buttons are best for your next sewing endeavor? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best types of buttons for sewing, along with their ideal uses and characteristics.

1.Classic Four-Hole Buttons

four hole buttons in various colors Four-hole buttons are the quintessential sewing button. These flat buttons feature four evenly spaced holes, allowing for secure attachment and various stitching patterns.

Best Uses:

Shirts and blouses,Casual jackets,Children’s clothing.

Why Choose Four-Hole Buttons:

Versatile and widely available,Easy to sew by hand or machine,Offer stability and durability.

Pro Tip: When sewing four-hole buttons, try creating an “X” pattern with your thread for a polished, professional look.

2.Two-Hole Buttons 

two hole buttons close up Two-hole buttons are simpler versions of their four-hole counterparts. They’re perfect for lightweight fabrics and projects requiring a minimalist aesthetic.

Best Uses:

Delicate blouses,Formal shirts,Lightweight dresses.

Why Choose Two-Hole Buttons:

Clean, streamlined appearance,Quick and easy to attach,Ideal for thin fabrics.

3.Shank Buttons assorted shank buttons 

Shank buttons have a solid top surface with a loop (shank) on the back for attachment. They’re excellent for thicker fabrics and add a touch of elegance to garments.

Best Uses:

Coats and jackets,Sweaters,Formal wear.

Why Choose Shank Buttons:

Provide clearance for thick fabrics,Often feature decorative designs,Create a polished, upscale look.

4.Covered Buttons 

fabric covered buttons in various sizes Covered buttons allow you to create custom buttons using the same fabric as your garment or a complementary material. They add a sophisticated, cohesive touch to any project.

Best Uses:

Wedding dresses,Custom jackets,Home decor accents.

Why Choose Covered Buttons:

Perfect color and pattern matching,Professional, high-end appearance,Customizable to suit any project.

5.Snap Buttons assorted snap buttons 

Snap buttons, also known as press studs, consist of two interlocking pieces that snap together. They’re ideal for projects requiring quick fastening and unfastening.

Best Uses:

Baby clothes,Sportswear,Bags and accessories.

Why Choose Snap Buttons:

Easy to use, especially for children and seniors,Provide a secure closureAvailable in various sizes and finishes.

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6.Toggle Buttons 

Toggle buttons are elongated buttons, often made of wood or plastic, designed to work with loops for closure. They add a rustic or nautical touch to garments.

Best Uses:

Duffle coats,Casual jackets,Tote bags.

Why Choose Toggle Buttons:

Create a distinctive look,Easy to fasten, even with gloves on,Add visual interest to garments.

7.Novelty Buttons assorted novelty buttons in fun shapes 

Novelty buttons come in various shapes, colors, and designs, adding a fun and unique touch to any sewing project. They’re perfect for personalizing garments and accessories.

Best Uses:

Children’s clothing,Craft projects,Customizing plain garments.

Why Choose Novelty Buttons:

Express personality and creativity,Great conversation starters,Can tie together a themed outfit or project.

8.Pearl Buttons 

pearl buttons in different sizes Pearl buttons, made from natural or imitation pearl, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to garments. They’re perfect for formal wear and bridal projects.

Best Uses:

Wedding gowns,Evening wear,Heirloom sewing projects.

Why Choose Pearl Buttons:

Timeless and elegant appearance,Available in various sizes and colors,Add a luxurious touch to any garment.

9.Magnetic Buttons 

magnetic buttons demonstration Magnetic buttons consist of two parts with embedded magnets that attract each other to create a closure. They’re ideal for individuals with dexterity issues or for projects requiring invisible closures.

Best Uses:

Adaptive clothing,Purses and bags,Hidden closures in garments.

Why Choose Magnetic Buttons:

Easy to use for people with limited hand mobility,Create a smooth, seamless appearance,Strong and secure when properly installed.

10.Jeans Buttons 

jeans buttons and installation tool Jeans buttons are sturdy metal buttons specifically designed for denim and other heavy fabrics. They typically require special tools for installation but provide a durable and authentic look.

Best Uses:

Denim jeans and jackets,Heavy-duty workwear,Upcycling projects.

Why Choose Jeans Buttons:

Extremely durable and long-lasting,Create an authentic look for denim projects,Available in various finishes (brass, silver, antique).

Choosing the Right Button for Your Project 

When selecting buttons for your sewing project, consider the following factors:

  1. Fabric weight: Choose buttons that complement the weight of your fabric. Heavier fabrics require sturdier buttons, while delicate fabrics pair well with lightweight options.
  2. Garment use: Consider how often the garment will be worn and washed. Opt for durable buttons for everyday items and more decorative options for special occasion wear.
  3. Aesthetics: Select buttons that enhance the overall design of your project. They can blend in seamlessly or serve as a focal point, depending on your vision.
  4. Ease of use: For children’s clothing or adaptive wear, prioritize buttons that are easy to fasten and unfasten.
  5. Care instructions: Ensure the buttons you choose can withstand the care requirements of the garment, such as machine washing or dry cleaning.


Buttons are more than just functional fasteners; they’re an opportunity to add personality, style, and professionalism to your sewing projects. From classic four-hole buttons to innovative magnetic closures, each type of button offers unique benefits and aesthetic appeal.

When choosing buttons for your next project, consider the fabric weight, garment use, overall design, ease of use, and care requirements. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of buttons to create truly unique pieces. Remember, the right button can elevate a simple garment to a standout creation.

you’re a beginner sewer or a seasoned professional, experimenting with different button types can open up new possibilities in your craft. So next time you’re at the fabric store or browsing online, take a moment to explore the wide world of buttons. You might just find the perfect finishing touch for your next masterpiece.

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